Simple Streamlined Ordering Solution For Restaurant Managers and Customers

Easy to use administrative back-end for restaurant managers with point-and-click interface that makes managing your menu and viewing reports simple.
For customers, our solution allows food ordering without the hassle of a lengthy signup process...this reduces order drop-outs due to fewer clicks to completion.

Simple Restaurant Online Ordering

* If your restaurant currently does not have a website, we'll build a FREE Online Ordring site!

get all these awesome features in our Core Plan at an amazing low monthly price!

Turn visitors into customer by taking orders on your website.
Accepting online payments is easy with myRestaurantOrdering. Just contact your existing credit card processor and add an Online Payment Gateway. Your customers will use credit cards to pre-pay for orders and funds get deposited right into your merchant account.
Credit card data processing is always safe, secure, and PCI-compliant.
Have customers enter a tip amount upfront, or you can pre-authorize their credit card and enter a tip amount later.
Add to your bottom line by charging customers a flat or percentage-based convenience fee.
Easily support taxes like State Tax, VAT or bag tax, so your order amounts are always correct.
Engage customers and take orders directly on their mobile devices by your responsive menu or beautiful custom mobile web app.
Your own mobile web application including online ordering menu and custom content.
When an order comes in, we'll make sure you're notified. You get an instant email notification or we can alert you with our tablet app, automatic printer, or pos integration.
It's easy to upload your pictures and make your menu look great.
Set specific cross sell items or our system can intelligently suggest items related to customer orders.
Designed specially for pizza ordering to allow customers to select half pizza toppings.
Our Facebook App allows consumers to order right from your Facebook page. Turn fans into customers!
Allow customers to select a future date/time for their order.
Draw custom zones on a map and set times and fees for each.
Add your own custom fields to the checkout page and capture additional information according to your business needs.
Interested in changing the look and feel of your menu to fit your brand - set-up custom styles.
View top items, best customers, and track trends with filters and interactive charts!
Primo App

: :   Tools to connect with your customers

  • Automated Customer Emails -
    Contact customers automatically based on criteria set to offer new customer discounts to keep them coming back, send loyal customer thank you for reaching certain spend levels, or get in touch with customers who haven't ordered in a while.
  • Coupon Management -
    Easily set up coupons for item discounts to drive sales.
  • Collect Feedback -
    Use customizable surveys for customer feedback to help you improve service.
  • Email Marketing -
    Creat email campaigns with built-in ordering features to maximize sales.
  • Email Marketing Integration -
    Build contact lists in popular marketing solutions and engage your customers with e-mail newsletters and specials.
  • Viral / Social Sharing -
    Reward customer for sharing your menu. When their friends order, they get a special reward, and so do their friends - and your get sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Customer Contact - When customers order from your website they form a stronger relationship with you. You give them another option to buy from you and you get their email to market to them later.
2. Bigger Orders - Online Orders tend to be much higher than orders in your own restaurants. Some industry reports say 20% higher...that really adds up!
3. Fewer Mistakes - A noisy restaurant, distracted host, and occasional language barriers lead to mistakes with phone orders. An Online Order arriving on email, notification app, or direct to your POS is always clear.
4. Customers Want It - Last year 40% of diners ordered at least one meal online or from their phone. This is a 300% increase from 5 years ago. Customers want it and will increasingly order from places that offer an online option.
Our Online Ordering solution can be added to your current website or we can create a FREE Online Ordering webpage for your restaurant. Also, under our premium services, we can engage our extended team of web designers & developers to create a custom website for you. Please contact our team to learn more.
We make it easy & simple to manage your Online Ordering, so our customer can go through the self-service setup within 24-hours and start taking orders! Also, through our Premium Services, our team can typically complete the setup process within (1) business day!
All customer payments are processed through an Online Gateway provided by your current Credit Card Processor, so the payment goes directly to your account.
NO. Don't give away 5% - 15% of your revenue! We understand you work very hard to deliver amazing food to your customers, so it's only right that you get 100% of the revenue and only pay us the small monthly fee we charge for our solution.
NO. Our solution is based on a monthly subscription model. We are confident that you'll find it easy to manage, your customer will love the easy to use interface, and it'll add value to your business.
Our priority is to understand your business and online goals. We are very passionate about the level of service and quality of work we deliver. This directly translates into well-executed projects, happy clients, and lasting relationships.

Premium Services
contact our team to learn more

Website Design & Development

If you don't have a website, we'll build a FREE Online Ordering Webpage for you! For customer insterested in building a new website for their restaurant, we can enageg our extended team at 1230MEDIA to build a beautiful, responsive, custom website based on your requirements.


Native Mobile App

Our Core Plan includes a mobile web app with online ordering menu and custom content. For customer insterested in offering customers a Native Mobile App, we can develop a custom Andoid and/or iOS app and publish it GooglePlay or iTunes AppStore.

Special Notifications

We offer flexible notification options that can be combined. Beyond our standard email notifications included the Core Plan, we can now offer pay-per-use special text, phone and/or fax notifications for a small fee, when an order is placed. Contact our team to learn more.


Tablet / Monitor Order Notification

Our Core Plan includes Email Notifications that can be setup with an app to receive order notifcations through tablet or touchscreen monitor, we offer hardware including 10.1" / 13.1" tablets and/or 21.5" Touchscreen monitor.

Receipt Printer / ePrinter Integration

Our Core Plan includes Email Notifications at no charge. For customer interested in receiving notifications through printers, our team can help setup a receipt printer or ePrinter to automatically print orders.

PoS Integration

Streamline your operations by sending orders directly to your PoS and automatically print kitchen tickets and delivery receipts. We currently support Aldelo, Focus, MICROS 3700, POSitouch, POSlavu, Revel, and SpeedLine PoS and working on adding adding more soon.

Our Pricing Plan

Select the Core Plan with all our awesome features to start taking online orders. Our Online Ordering system is easy to use and we are here to help if you have any questions. We also understand that not all restaurants are the same, so we offer optional Premium Services below. If you have any questions, contact our team and we'll be glad to help.

$49per month
Core Plan
  • ALL Our Awesome Features
  • Tools To Connect With Customers
  • Email Order Notifications
  • FREE Online Ordering Site
  • FREE Initial Menu Setup
  • NO Contracts

Premium Services
Design & development fees depend on feature & functionality requirements.
Website-as-a-Service plans start at $99/mo.
Custom App Design fees are based on features & functionality requirements.
Custom Android + iOS App plans start at $49/mo.
Phone/Text/Fax Order Notification are available based on pay-per-use model
Contact our team to learn more.
Order our tested devices below that are setup for notifications:
Tablet 10"$299/ea.
TouchScreen Monitor 22"$499/ea.
Order our tested devices below:
HP ePrinter / Epson Receipt Printer: $249/ea.
Automatically send orders directly into your Point of Sale sytem & kitchen!
$499 One-time set-up fee + $49/mo.

More than one location, contact our team for multi-location setup and discount offers!


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